…is the lead of everything we do, and what we pride ourselves on!

Whether looking to rethink your brand, or create a new one, tender’s expertise in branding will deliver the creative you will be proud to show off. Your identity must visually represent the core values, principles and philosophy of your business. In a nutshell, this is achieved through the design of a memorable and unique logo combined with consistent graphic elements throughout.



Our print delivers to you an attractive layout that portrays the message to your audience. We'll do the research to ensure the design is appealing to the right people whilst standing out amongst the rest. Our ideas can be applied across most forms of print including advertisements, corporate literature and direct marketing.


Package Design is the most important extension of a brand. It creates a tool to convey the brands messaging, while successfully positioning the product against its competitors. To identify what packaging is relevant to your product, we'll put in the ground work to discover what your target market wants and needs. Effective packages showcase unique aspects of a product, creating a shelf appeal that will ensure both brand recognition, and economic results for your company.


Today there's no more effective way to promote your services and engage with consumers than through the web. A good online presence is an absolute must for any growing business. We understand the importance of functionality online and are experienced in designing captivating websites that give your company the edge in it's competitive market.